Volunteers travelling to Ghana should apply for a volunteer or business visa. The Ghanaian consulate requires you to
1.    Your passport (valid for at least six month after your return).
2.    Make money order or bank check for the amount of your visa.
3.    1-4 passport sized photographs (on country basis).
4.    A copy of your yellow fever vaccination card.
5.    A copy of your flight itinerary.
6.    Self addressed envelope (the embassy will use to post your visa and passport to you).
7.    A letter of invitation letter from Blue-Med Africa.
8.    Two contacts details of Blue-Med stuff/host family. Please contact Blue-Med for contact information.
9.    If under 18 years old, a letter of consent from a parent or guardian.

Note: The processing of visa application normally takes about three weeks. However, you can apply for expedited visas which are processed in a shorter amount of time. Visa applicants must include their passport in their application since visas are inserted into the passport.

Volunteers are to complete an online visa application.
US- www.ghanaconsulatenewyork.org
Canada- www.ghc-ca.com
UK- www.ghanahighcommissionuk.com
Australia- www.consulate-ghana.com.au