Adolescent Sexual &Reproductive Health Education Volunteer
There is profound lack of sexual health knowledge among the youth in our communities indicated by increase in teenage pregnancy and other transmitted infection. Blue-med Africa has deemed its necessary to carry the following programs in the Junior and Senior High Schools and the communities at large equip the adolescent with knowledge on their sexual and reproductive health, decrease the number of STI/HIV cases and teenage pregnancy by advocating for safer sex practices.

Distributing of questionnaires to students in the first and second cycle schools in the communities to understand their current sexual health knowledge and attitudes. Analysis of questionnaires to identify knowledge gaps Training of peer educators in the first & second cycle schools and communities. Holding outreaches and sexual health educational talks in the schools and communities. Follow up visits to schools to supervise the work of the peer educators.Encourage voluntary counseling and testing.

Working alongside other facilitators where you are offered hand-on projects. Volunteers are asked to prepare and do the presentations while the facilitators explain in the local language. Volunteers are working more than just observation.


High school students, undergraduate students, graduate students, students taking a gap-year(Pre-Med, Medical students), families (including children under age 16 if with parents), any other volunteer in good physical condition. Start date: Programs begin the first week of the month. It is therefore recommended that volunteers arrive during the end of the previous month or the first week of the following month. The minimum duration of volunteering is 2 weeks. However, volunteer length of stay is flexible. Our staff members are available to help you arrange your preferred dates of arrival. Please contact us at +233243380168 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Group Volunteering:

Coordinating a group of students, community groups, or colleagues to volunteer can contribute a large impact by planning additional projects not included in the original program. Blue-Med Africa will support and organize these special projects and experiences if interested. There are special discount for groups. If you would like to send a group on a trip, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your ideas and interests further.

Individual Volunteering:

Apply as a solo volunteer and join other international volunteers from different part of the world in Ghana. You would meet the wonderful medical team and the staffs as a family.